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MOA_AB_Photos_Construction Progress_2018
Paw Patrol Adventure Bay
Mall of America

Hi, I'm Jovon.

You can call me Joey.

I specialize in:
- Art Direction
- Design

I've worked on:
- Attractions
- Theatricals
- Accessibility Issues

March 2020 - August 2020

Art Director


Working with a fantastic team of designers and collaborating with additional departments and vendors to develop design and fabrication solutions.

Paw Patrol Live, International Tours
VSTAR, Set Design by Peter Windingstad

Key Skills

Translating IPs to Experiences

Remote Art Direction

Clear, concise feedback to designers and vendors

Flexible, personable working style

Houston Zoo Exhibit
Rockwork by Nassal

At the end of the day, I'm proudest when our vendors are set up for success, and guests can build fantastic memories together. Making experiences as accessible as possible means more people can do them together.


I love being on a great team - I'll be the one bringing treats to the shop or site for the late nights.

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